The logo must be readable and modern while maintaining a somewhat “rough” and “underground” image. It symbolizes a flask and a bottle. The logo is not the most important element of the project since each edition will have its own colors and graphic style.

site web

The website was also designed from A to Z by us. We take care of all stages from mock-up to design/development in order to provide unique sites to our clients.


At Wild, we are used to adapting all our visuals to a large number of different formats. As print specialists, we carefully prepare any print file so that the result is optimal.

Note: We have neither printed nor installed the visual below.


Like every poster we do, the goal is to have something that can be easily adapted to any format necessary.

social media

LIFEXPO is very present on social media.

Here are some of the templates we made for the event.


The website, also created by us, was made with the idea that it can be easily adapted for every different edition of the LIFEXPO.

logo animation

For the website loading screen, we animated the logo (created by POST Luxembourg)!


Here is the teaser created for the announcement of the new POST Esports Masters.

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Not just a redesign, but a considerable step-up from last year.
The website follows the design guidelines we created for the POST Esports Masters 2021.
As always, our sites are made in-house from A to Z. From the first model to every single line of code.

100% Responsive