LGX Online

Because of the 2020 COVID-19 restrictions, the Luxembourg Gaming Xperience had to be cancelled. In its place came a new livestream event, the LGX Online. We were responsible for the entire communication for this event. From logo, to social media, to identity and website. Here is some of the work we did.

Branding & Identity Graphic design Marketing Web Design

A new logo was necessary to differentiate both events: local and online. The new logo had to keep the original shape and idea but introduce a more digital approach.

Original logo
Digital version
Landing page

In order for the visitors to understand that this new digital event doesn't replace the original local event, we had to create a split landing page to direct users from one event to the other.

Experience it yourself at lgx.lu


A one-page design that contains all the information needed to understand, watch, follow the event.
With some neat animations and effects that provides users with a completely different experience.


Here are some of the other visuals we made for this event.
We can't include them all, but we can give you an idea!